Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Walk 2019 - USA: Return to the Citadel in Review

Fourteen (14) Titans, four (4) each of the mighty Warlord, the stalwart Reaver, and the nimble Warhounds; and two (2) each of the monstrous Warbringer class. 

Six (6) Princeps. 

Too many laughs to count. 

And the word "wow" spilling through so many lips that even Tzeentch couldn't follow it.

October 19th and 20th saw all of that descend upon the Citadel with a game of Adeptus Titanicus in 28mm format followed by a Sunday Apocalypse game.  This time the Citadel wasn't an extra event for the year but the National for Titan Owners Club in the United States.  It saw new bonds of friendship forged and new wonderful memories created.  But enough words since we'll let the pictures tell the tale.


The Mango Titan Sunfury Lemonade, created by the Warhammer Citadel and unveiled the day of the Walk!  And it was DELICIOUS!

Our traditional line-up photo.

Unfortunately balancing required us to leave the Knight Banners out of the game, but the Households were certainly in attendance.

The bold and the bearded.

Turn one saw a lot of movement as engines closed the distance to begin the killing.

Lots of measuring, and some great custom templates.

While the forces of Chaos won the event, everyone had a lot of fun.

Our Southwest Region Coordinator setting up for the Sunday portion.

May the Omnissiah bless all of us with such great ground support for our Titans.



The Legio Kurogane was in attendance, and Augusti Fortuna's constant toppling buildings with her feet definitely shows in her paint scuffs on the shins.

Legio Perennia also Walked.

Sorceress as well.

And of course Ian's engine on the right.

Turbo laser on the carapace.  A fine weapon choice indeed.

A duel of Warhounds.

A lot of talking while the dice were rolling.

Storm Born races ahead of the battle Titans while Vigilate Sagittarius gets turned around by quake cannon fire.

The Imperium prepares to avenge its loss from the prior day, though the Legio Kurogane and Sorceress were unavailable due to other deployments.

Movin' on up!

It's a flying circus!

Targets sighted.

Someone is getting ideas.

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  1. Hope you all had a great Walk! Titan events are really something spectacular and a chance to properly use these God Machines, where Knights are like troops, and Warlords duel. Superb!