Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Reaver Titan No.2377 - Carnifice Inernuntio, Legio Sanguis

Certificate Number: 2377
Titan Name: Carnifice Inernuntio
Pattern: Mars Pattern (corrupted)
Head Unit: Chaos
Primary Armament: Chaos Apocalypse missile Launcher, Chaos Power Fist, Chaos Volcano Cannon, - but as using magnets, as well Chaos Gatling Blaster, Chaos Melta Cannon and Chaos Laser Blaster can be used, if necessary
Princeps: Taken over by a greater Khorne Daemon, who’s name is unknown
Titan Legio: Legio Sanguis
Battle Maniple Composition: Warlord 779, Chaos Reaver 2377

Owner: Andy J.
Location: Starnberg, Germany
Comments: Legio Sanguis is a little titan legion, fallen to chaos and praying to Khorne.
They are fighting beside the Eightscarred, a Khorne army and with the knight house House of Skulls.


Some great showcase pictures from Andy J, from Titan Owners Club Germany, showing his completed Chaos Reaver in all it's twisted glory. He registered this Engine at the beginning of the year and has done well to get it finished along with several weapon choices!

Carnifice Inernutio advances with its heretical forces whilst the Daemon Prince looks on from the balcony.

A wicked bladed Power Fist to rake and ruin the proud Loyalist Engine hulls.

A murderous intent, multiple barreled Gatling Blaster and Apocalypse Missile Launcher to overwhelm the enemy Void Shields

Superb work on the brass and metallics throughout this Titan.

Another armament choice, the Melta Cannon

A versatile choice of loadouts, maybe the triple Laser Blaster and Battle Titan Volcano Cannon for longer ranged death?

Andy sent in a few shots of the Titan on a white background too, to show off the superb reds and subtle weathering and the cancerous pockmarked 'skin' for this warped beast of an Engine

A few close up shots, firstly the really fine munitions of the Apocalypse Launcher.

The warped plate armour with the defaced eight-pointed-star of Chaos proudly scars this once loyal Engine.

Understated honours adorn the knee, Khorne cares not for accolades, only that the blood flows!

A fiery Daemon grimaces from the other knee.

Great lens and teeth details.

The thrice damned Princeps and Moderati still at their stations, more daemon engine than war machine now.

Nice heat staining on the weapon barrels.

Apoc Launcher

Lovely conversion work corrupting the weapons.

The certificate number proudly worn on the carapace hull armour.

Equally gruesome internal details, great attention to detail on the screens and control stations throughout.

Thank-you to Andy J for sending in these great pictures of Carnifice Inernuntio. I wonder what is next for this Maniple? Time to get Warlord 779 Iracundia Inflammatus finished I think :)


  1. Thank you for showing the pictures of Carniface inernuntio. It was a lot of work, but now I'm proud, having this beast at home.

    You can see making ofs and Pictures of my knight lance or my Khorne army at my blog

    1. No problem Andy, thanks for sharing! Keep us posted with the progress of the Warlord! And the inevitable Warhounds? Ha ha.