Thursday, 9 January 2020

Warlord Titan No.817 - Sirjet, Legio Xestobiax

Certificate Number:  817
Titan Name:   Sirjet
Pattern: Mars Warlord
Head Unit: Mars Beta Pattern
Primary Armament: Arioch Power Claw, Sinistramanus Tenebrae (Psi-Cannon) and Laser Blasters
Princeps: Magnus Magnusson
Titan Legio: Xestobiax
Owner: Steve D
Location: Berkshire, UK
Comments:  Titan built and painted by Arklight Studios -

Backstory below, told from an Imperium prospective.
Classified Report – Chaos Titan Encounter
This brief report concerns an encounter with a single Chaos Warlord Titan, which according to witnesses “appeared from the warp”, to aid the traitor legion, the Thousand Sons.  While a single traitor Warlord Titan is of little threat to the Imperium, a titan with the ability to appear and disappear at will is of grave concern and requires our urgent attention.
On [Date Redacted], contact was lost with a garrison base on [Location Redacted].   A nearby ship was reassigned to investigate the sudden loss of communications with the garrison.  On arrival it was evident there had been a huge engagement, resulting in the loss of the entire garrison.  Only a handful of guardsmen survived. A brief account from a survivor suggests the traitor legion, The Thousand Sons were responsible; this was collaborated by examination of the few enemy wrecks remaining after the engagement.  
Further investigation has established the garrison was taken by surprise by the sudden arrival of the traitor legion (presumably from the warp), and suffered heavy losses during the opening engagement.  The assault was temporarily slowed as the defending forces reorganised themselves and were reinforced by the arrival of eight Knights stationed nearby. At this critical junction, a survivor describe seeing a mighty tear form in front of them, from which emerged a Chaos Warlord Titan.  The garrison quickly fell soon after. One Guardsman describes seeing an icon of three skulls, linked with chains. Subsequent analysis would suggest this is the sigil of the Legio Xestobiax , although the Guardsman’s account described as skulls as “warped in nature”, which differs from the Legio’s sigil.  The titan also was adorned with markings of the XV Legion (pre-heresy Thousand Sons).  

While it is clear this Titan has aligned itself to the Thousand Sons and the Chaos God of Tzeentch.  It is not understood where this Titan came from, and why it has suddenly appeared now.
Legio Xestobiax was known to have had 12 titans based on Prospero, which formed the Prospero Vigil and operated almost completely independent from the greater Legion.  During the burning of Prospero, these titans stood with the Thousand Sons against the forces of the Imperium. All 12 were reported to be destroyed. Given this titan’s markings, and its appearance alongside the traitor Legion in question, it is theorised that this titan was once, or still is, a member of the Prospero Vigil.  If this is indeed the case, it is not known if this Titan survived the events at Prospero, or was somehow recovered after the battle. It is also not know if this is a lone titan (which would be highly unlikely given the resources necessary to support a titan) or whether it is part of a maniple.  
Another less likely explanation is that this titan was placed into storage and hidden away, only to be awoken at a later date.  This practice has been observed before. In the late 41st Millennium, more than 33 ancient Titans in Legio Xestobiax livery were discovered entombed within a series of caverns on Zhao-Arkhad’s southern continent.  It is probable that these Titans had been concealed from the Metallican Assayers ten millennia earlier to protect heretic technology developed by the illicit practices of Legio Xestobiax’s parent Forge World.  One such example is the Black Iron Core, which had been fitted to the majority of the Vigil’s engines by the time of the Battle of Prospero.
There may be other explanations than the ones suggested within this report for the above events.  

No other reports or records available to this officer have been found which relate to a titan matching the description above.  It is therefore likely this is the first time we have encountered this titan. Any further sightings or information must be forwarded to this office for further analysis.  

Photos completed:
What an impressive Engine.

Beautifully well adorned.

look at that script work.

A lot of filing and mods have gone into this engine.

Just beautiful.

"I dropped my keys!! grrrr!!"

Trophies on the knees look great.

The plasma looks great as a green.

The Current loadout!! Could almost complete a second nice and cheaply.

Nice ornamentation.

Magnus Magnusson is a lucky Princeps.

Work in progress:

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  1. Absolutely brilliant and gorgeous. I just started work on my own Xestobiax Warlord, pulling from similar lore. Very exciting. Excellent work, princeps. Love the diorama at the hatch!

    1. Can't wait to see another Xestobiax Warlord! Need more of these guys.

    2. I plan on making my upcoming warlord titan a member of this legio. Eventually it will come to be.

  2. Brilliant stuff, one lucky Princeps, the Studio did a great job, that’s a fine looking Engine!