Monday, 13 April 2020

A Tale of TOC Princeps - Week 2

Hello Princeps and Fabricators, the UK COVID 'lockdown' continues and has meant that some Princeps and Fabricators have more hobby time on their hands so we aim to share some of that Titan goodness, large and small.

Each week 
a few of the participants and TOC Admin Staff who attended the last UK Walk and have Titan projects they are commencing will aim to post an update regarding where they we are with their latest projects and share some words and photos for all TOC readers to see here - spread that Titan goodness.

From the Forges this Week

Princeps John H - This week has been a slow week. But the arms have been fixed into place ready for arm construction. Hopefully it will be fully built and ready for paint by next week.

Princeps Phil - The engine is taking shape, with the colour scheme tested on some AT shoulder pads I had left over, seeing that it worked I transferred them onto my Reaver. This week I will be continuing with the details and trying to sell the scheme that this is a freshly corrupted Engine, I hope you all like it. Now I want to name her because I feel calling her the Reaver or just the Engine is angering the daemon inside.

Princeps Tony H - Work is progressing on my 4 AT Warhounds, Reaver and Warlord.

Princeps Seniores Martin S. - This week I’ve been working on cleaning and undercoating armour plates for my 2nd Warlord for Legio Tempestus. I have also been working on the hanger where they will reside.

Princeps Majoris Lord Halfpenny - Reaver is standing, and pelvis/torso has had magnets added to allow the legs/body to be separated for transport.

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