Monday, 4 May 2020

A Tale of TOC Princeps - Week 5

Welcome Princeps, another week of Lockdown, another productive week for some of our Fabricator Princeps. I hope you are all well and finding some time to progress your own Titan related projects, and if not - enjoy these fruits of the Princeps' labours.

Princeps John H - Got no where near as much done this week as I was hoping due to many parts needing undercoating. Should get that done over the weekend. Did manage to mount the shoulder guards with magnets and the main engine parts painted. Aim for next week is to complete the legs.

Princeps Rob C - Table top ready. There is just a few details that I want to get sorted that no one will probably see like oil deposits. But for now I’m putting this beast to bed, I need a break! (And hearty congratulations from us at TOC for completing this fine Engine!)

Princeps Simon W - This week was quite productive, all the gold trim complete and have begun the 1st stage of oil weathering.

Princeps Majoris Halfpenny - Legio Crucius Reaver is coming together. Armour plates have had the colours of the Legio applied, with the next stage to add gold trim, as well as details. The head will have a check scheme applied to match the knee plates. The lower leg had had the brass parts finished, with various washes, drybrush and verdigris added to provide weathering details. This week I’m hoping to have the plates completed, and led’s added to the head!

Princeps James C - Equally awesome but smaller in size than our regular 28mm Titans, we have an update from Princeps James C. of the US TOC Branch, he sent in some updates for his growing Adeptus Titanicus Maniple.

And finally, Princeps Phil - This week I have been working on the torso and internals of the Titan...  So much trim...  This week I will be finishing the internals, decals and then weathering.  I really feel like she is starting to take shape.  I also decided on a name for her... "Iconoclast". (A great name Phil, a destroyer of images of beliefs used in religious worship. Siph)

Another week of Lockdown, but more Titan goodness, thanks Princeps for sharing. Keep safe all, keep well. See you at a Walk in the future!

Princeps Majoris Siph

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