Monday, 11 May 2020

A Tale of TOC Princeps - Week 6

Hello all Princeps, continuing on the success of previous week's in 'Lockdown' fabrication, some of the fine TOC Fabricator Princeps have continued with progressing their Titans this week. Scroll down to see this week's efforts, and as always - stay safe, as my beloved Queen said in Her message on VE day "Never give up, never despair", and "the streets are not empty, they are filled with the love and the care that we have for each other". We at TOC wish you all good health and happier Titan times to come.

Princeps Simon W - Angelus Infernum really began to take shape this week, fingers crossed it shall be finished very soon and ready to serve the Warmaster.

Princeps John H - So this week I wanted to get the lower legs done. What a pain it was but I did it. All painted and the first part of the weathering done. Getting the shin guards done was a challenge as there is some over lapping but using a hair dryer to make the guards Malleable really helped. Once the Greaves and toe pistons were in, it’s a case of warming them up and fitting them. Happy with the results and looking forward to completing the legs fully next week.

Princeps Majoris Halfpenny - Legs coming along, toes are fixed into position, as well as the shin armour plates. Knee plates have had details picked out, scroll work to be completed this week. Head painted, checks to be tidied up, and led’s added this week.

Another good week of Titan progress, a few Princeps busy with entertaining the kids, playing AT rather than progressing more of the builds, everyone needs a change to avoid burn out. And of course, congrats to Princeps Rob C who last week completed his Warlord!

Stay safe, cheers,
Princeps Majoris Siph

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