Monday, 18 May 2020

A Tale of TOC Princeps - Week 7

Welcome back Princeps All, so week 7 eh? Hope you are all doing well, maybe a light at the end of the tunnel, certainly here in the UK there has been some easing of 'lockdown' measures and people are actively being encouraged to get back to work if that is possible - the service industry is largely shutdown still as are the schools, but a good Fabricator Princeps continues the Omnissiah's work regardless... another fine selection of Titan related progress to share, an one not Titan related but cool nevertheless.

Princeps Robert C - From the US Demi-Legio of TOC, Princeps Robert reported in, he wrote "Progress on Venator Saevus is accelerating". A great bold scheme with the black and white quartered designs and the green.

Princeps Majoris Halfpenny - Update - the as of yet unnamed Reaver has had the lower section build complete, with only the gold trim to have an addition gold added over the wash, and then highlights. The knee pistons need to have the details added. Weapons are on the way to be finished, with either a Battle Titan Laser Blaster and Chainfist, or a Dreadfire missile build. Reaver Astramos of Legio Crucius is busy 'cheque-ing' out the new sibling!

Princeps John H - This week I made no progress on my Chaos Reaver as I took a break and started on my Mechanicum force for Horus Heresy. Took time to read and research so now I have a good idea on what to get as soon as ForgeWorld open their doors. I did how ever build my first unit. Oh, and my house is really clean!

Princeps Senories Martin S - The unnamed 1:10000 Strike Cruiser is undergoing construction in the orbital ship yards.

Princeps Simon W - This week saw the start of the Reaver titan crew plus a added bonus of a trio of Reavers for my AT Legio Solaria maniple. And great work too Princeps Simon with the AT Maniple!

Princeps Tony H - Legio Metalica’s new AT Warlord Titan joining the Maniple's ranks. A great addition Princeps Tony, and by the looks of it, already in the fog of war ;)

So, that wraps up another week of progress from our Fabricator Princeps, stay safe all, and if you can, get back to work! :) I have now returned safe back home from operations and will once again take up the mantle to start on the Legio Astorum Reaver.

Princeps Majoris Siph

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