Monday, 8 June 2020

A Tale of TOC Princeps - Week 10 - Then and Now - Series Final

Hello Titan Princeps and Fabricators All, welcome to the final installment of the Tale of TOC Princeps, a journey through the 'lockdown' with submissions from Princeps who were taking the opportunity of extra unplanned hobby time to progress with their Titan projects. And some great progress has been made.

With all series it is better to go out whilst people are still keen and not to wither on the vine as people return to a new standard of normal 2020AC (after Covid) and the UK has been relaxing the restrictions so some semblance of new normality is returning - so as a way of capping this series, we wish to show you how the Titan projects have progressed. Thank-you for reading along and following the progress, and if you have a Titan, get it registered, get it out and start your own fabrication journey (updating us along the way!)

Princeps Rob C - Princeps Rob was further along the fabrication than some and by week 6 had finished his Warlord Titan (812), 'Winged Annihilation', a fine Engine and a fine effort! Congratulations Princeps Rob!

Princeps Majoris Halfpenny - Princeps Halfpenny started the journey with a brand new Reaver out of the box, and a good scrub in the bath - and during Week 9 completed his Reaver with LEDs too. Congratulations Princeps Majoris Halfpenny! A fine addition to the Crucius Maniple.

Princeps John H - This is the point I got to when I had to stop painting due to issues beyond my control. Plan to finish it as soon as possible. Using new paints, oils and techniques made this a really enjoyable challenge and I’m very please with the stage I’m at. Really looking forward to seeing the end result. Next project will be Horus Heresy era Mechanicum. (And a fine job Princeps John, a great departure from your usual Legio Astorum Engines too! - TOC)

Princeps Tony H - Princeps Tony has progressed with an entire Maniple of Titans, albeit AT scale Titans! But also working on his full size Reaver. Angelic Redemption, name in place now and is done all but banner and pennants! Well done Princeps Tony, a great job.

Princeps Seniores Martin S - Princeps Martin started work on his Warlord... but the call of an even larger project to house his Titan Maniple was progressed from a lowly shed elevated to a superb gamesroom and Titan Hangar! Very impressive and great cabinets to show the Titans (left and right) and under games table storage for Horus Heresy and AT to boot. Very nice indeed, a worthy distraction!

Princeps Phil - Princeps Phil started out with only an undercoat on the Chaos Reaver and has progressed well with the fallen Engine, some superb weathering, chipped and rusty paint balanced with some chaotic mutations and brass work. Superb painting so far and well on the way to completion! Well done Princeps Phil!

Princeps Simon W - Princeps Simon started out with a rescue Reaver Titan so had the task of stripping and rebuilding parts before progressing with his fine Engine! And a great job so ready to Walk once again under a new banner of allegiance. Well done Princeps Simon. "Angelus Infernum joins its twin Angelus Mortis in service to the Warmaster. LUPERCAL!"

Princeps Majoris Siph - And I myself started with a fresh out of the box not yet washed Reaver and even though duty calls and knocked out six weeks of available progress, I have managed to progress the build stage almost to a point I can lay down the first Rites of Colour, however whilst I waited for glue to dry I did have a cheeky paint of a few bits like the Carapace! Soon she shall Walk! I had better think about registering this Engine too! 

Thank-you to every Fabricator Princeps for their continued progress and submissions, thanks to the US TOC Team who updated us on their projects too, and look out for some similar Series posts in the future if the demand and to-do piles allow it!

Thank-you all for reading along with us on our journey. As always, stay safe, stay well and best wishes to you as you may find yourselves easing out of lockdown into a new normal.

Cheers, Princeps Majoris Siph, TOC UK/EUR Admin.

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  1. This was such an excellent project to be a part of, its great to see all the progress and completion of all the Titans! great stuff all!