Saturday, 27 June 2020

Mars Warhound Titan No.2773 - ut Gloria, Legio Crucius

Certificate Number:  2773
Titan Name: ut Gloria
Pattern: Mars Pattern Warhound Titan 
Primary Armament: Dual Turbo Laser Destructor, Titan Vulcan Mega-Bolter, Titan Plasma Blastgun
Princeps: #RESTRICTED#
Titan Legio: Legio Crucius (The Warmongers)
Battle Maniple Composition: Mars Warhound (2773); Lucius Warhound (688)

Owner: Christopher P. 
Location: New York, USA
Comments: Nil

An excellent job Princeps Christopher has done with the black and the stripe work. Superb. The base looks amazing too.
More can be said to the Administratum Clerk who was shot for messing up the paperwork and deeming this noble loyal Hound a heretic! "ut Gloria's" loyalty is without question and will reap a heavy toll in Traitor Engines to show all. Thank you to Princeps Christopher for registering this fine Engine with TOC.

Cheers, Princeps Majoris Siph, TOC Admin

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  1. I love the Crucius scheme best when the scheme is mostly black. Superb job Princeps!