Thursday, 11 June 2020

Walk 2020 - USA - Cancelled

It is with a heavy heart that the Club announces that we will be cancelling the Walk 2020 - USA national event for this year due to COVID-19 concerns.

Our partners at the Citadel were happy to have us and we were excited to return if we would be so fortunate.  As the year started, Shadow worked hard and tirelessly to secure a good date that avoided hurricane season and allowed members time to prep for hotels, fuel, and the like.

As you all know that's been upended completely and it's been a process to see if it would be safe to do so.  While that chance still exists, Memorial Day has shown just how likely that chance is near non-existent.

We cannot, in good conscience, take a risk if we think it will result in the illness or death of any of our members, their families, the Citadel (or any other store's) staff and family, or the general public.  Too many things could go wrong, even with protective measures in place and considering the event pulls in people from many states away.  To that end, because the health and safety of everyone is far more important than the game or the size attendance we get, we have cancelled the Walk 2020 - USA national event this year.  

We will update you on the Regionals, but know that we are looking at those extremely hard and each Regional Coordinator is in touch with Branch leadership and will only hold events if it can be done so safely.  They are better able to control how far people come and managing space and attendance and might be able to create something safe.

This is a major let-down for all of us and the staff feels it keenly.  Our promise to you is that we will look to make a strong event for 2021 if it is safe to do so, and that we'll do our best to see you at the Citadel next year if it can be arranged.  Stay safe, Brother and Sister Princeps.


  1. Expected but a shame, same over this side of Pond, we hope we can get together later in the year here but still doubt and uncertainty waiting for the new 'normal' to come around. 2020AC (after covid) is and has to be different to 2020BC (before covid) but hopefully we'll be able to still get together with our Titans, throw some dice and Engine Kill! soon.

  2. Stay safe US Princeps - there will always be another walk on the horizon - let's make sure we're all there to see it!