Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Lucius Warhound Titan No.691 - Velox Praedator, Legio Astorum

Certificate Number: 00691
Titan Name: Velox Praedator
Pattern: Lucius Pattern - Jackal
Primary Armament: Turbo Laser, Plasma Blastgun, Mega Bolter and Inferno Cannon
Princeps: TBC
Titan Legio: Legio Astorum
Battle Maniple Composition: Warlord 308 - Solar Praetorian, Reaver 631 - Lucius Ultor, Warbringer 116 - Ignis Destructor, Lucius Warhound 104 - Draconum Venator, Lucius Warhound 691 - Velox Praedator, Lucius Warhound 1318 - Lupus Bellator and Lucius Warhound AWOC27 - Citus Excursor

Owner: Fredrik B.
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Comments: Velox Praedator has joined the maniple from a long-lost Titan Legion as an independent hunting pack together with Citus Excursor (AWOC27). Her sister engine Citus Excursor was badly damaged in transport and in need of full repairs on Lucius – both engines will now join Legio Astorum once refitted and undergone the Rites of Colour.

Further along in her assembly than her twin Engine, but yet to undergo the Rites of Colour and re-dedication into Legio Astorum.
Rare to find the certificates for Lucius Hounds, but each one is a blessing from the Omnissiah. Our thanks go to Princeps Fredrik for registering another (of 4) Lucius Warhound Titans - well, Legio Astorum does hail from Lucius Forge World after all!

Cheers, Princeps Seniores Siph, TOC Admin

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