Friday, 13 November 2020

Lucius Warhound No.1453 - Anvil of Fate, Legio Shadowbane

Certificate Number: 1453
Titan Name: Anvil of Fate
Pattern: Lucius Jackal Pattern Warhound 
Primary Armament: Titan Megabolter and Titan Plasma Blastgun
Princeps: Athena Demontfalcon
Titan Legio: Legio Shadowbane.
Battle Maniple Composition: Warlord (114); Lucius Warhound (1453)

Owner: Lucilla T.
Wiltshire, UK
Comments: P
ending refit of its Titan Megabolter and Titan Plasma Blastgun and application of Fresh Rites of Colour. (Assembled and had Primed but could never seem to find the right shade of red I wanted at the time of original build, it was either the wrong shade or too glossy and ended up slipping further and further back the painting queue. Hopefully the build of its larger Warlord cousin will encourage a fresh enthusiasm to finish the paintwork to completion. The Warhound is based on a GW's Blastscape scenery kit, stomping the Rhino underfoot).


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