Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Warlord Titan No.114 - Hammer of Synne, Legio Shadowbane

Certificate Number: 00114
Titan Name: Hammer of Synne
Pattern: Mars Alpha Pattern Warlord 
Head Unit: Mars-Alpha
Primary Armament: 2x Belicosa Volcano Cannons with twin Carapace mounted Warlord Laser Blasters. Refit/Options: Forgeworld have supplied optional loadout wargear including 1x Macro Gatling Blaster, 1x Sunfury Plasma Annihilator, 1x Arioch Power Claw with Vulcan Mega Bolter, Twinned Apocalypse Missile Launchers with the intention of testing an experimental maglock interface for tactical reconfiguration potential. 2x Mori-Quake Cannons
Princeps: Tisiphone Demontfalcon
Titan Legio: Legio Shadowbane
Battle Maniple Composition: Warlord (114); Lucius Warhound (1453)

Owner: Lucilla T
Location: UK, Wiltshire
Comments: Warlord 114 will potentially be joined by a scout in the form of a Lucius Jackal Pattern Warhound, pending refit of its Megabolter and Plasma Blaster, fresh Rites of Colour and retrieval of Forgeworld Certification from under about a decade of unregulated resin accumulation and storage.


Update Mar 2021
Excellent custom shoulders getting some Nuln wash
Metals tidied up and trim going on.

Updated Dec 2020
Excellent 'DeathWatch' style shoulder armour
'Synne' embossed for eternity
 Safety first, a good use of one of Princeps Lucilla's face masks for the Forstner bit drilling of the waist.
A nice flush fitting for the 25mm x 10mm magnet, so powerful pull - ideal for the hefty Warlord waist join so the Titan can be broken down for storage or transport in between Walks.
The Certificate of Authenticity
The elbows themselves have a thin steel plate on each inside surface. As the weapon arms have a slightly raised disc on each side this plate effectively replaces them so I filed them down carefully on each side testing the fit until the arms were able to slot into their  respective elbows. The weapons are almost snug enough to stay in place with friction on the metal plates alone but I then drilled the weapon joints to allow magnets to fit. 

On the first weapon arm magnetised (Plasma) I originally did not go all the way through the joint and just had a smaller magnet disc on each side. It proved heavier than expected and though it did hold with the elbow snugness mentioned earlier I felt it needed slight improvement. 
The two Volcano Cannons, Gatling Blaster and the Power Claw use the above imaged magnets with the elbow plates.

Later arm builds now include a combined 20mm by 17mm set of magnets (Say 20kg pull towards the plates, though the sheer force will be less I imagine), overkill compared to my first arm attempt perhaps but I'm a lot more confident in the hold which allows a little up and down pose adjustment without moving from where I leave it.

May go back and redo the plasma arm magnets or just obtain/make another one having learned from my earlier errors in its construction. As in its current state it will work just fine that's something to consider once the rest of the build is done.
The head magnetisation will hold the lid on upside down in combination with the slots near the rear. Crew will be prepared and added later

The base is essentially a pizza board made of beech wood. Includes 2 carry grip indentations on the underside that will help moving it, particularly when lowering into the intended cases for storage/transport. (Diameter 40cm/16'' / Thickness 18mm/0.7"). This was capped with 1 whole plastic Zone Mortalis Floor Tile centrally placed, edged with 4 strips cut with a razor saw from another tile to cover the rest. 

I used Contacta glue to weld the plastic tile parts together when I laid them onto the epoxy that would bind them to the board itself. This neatly welded the plastic and hid the very minimal saw lines with a gentle scrape with the corner of a flat wooden icecream stick to smooth the melted plastic that bubbled up in the joins as their own filler.

This was adhered with 2 packs' worth of KwikWeld steel reinforced epoxy for a solid bond inside of 6 minutes. Then once firmly gripped, the plastic was trimmed down enough to allow the gaps about the edge to be filled with Vallejo Plastic Putty. It was then all left to fully cure overnight. I then used an X-acto carving blade to smooth the edge of the plastic/putty topping. (For some reason I was getting a strong craving for a generously sized cheesecake during this part of the process)

It may still need some slight cleaning up and touch ups on the smoothness of the filling but frankly it's looking a lot tidier than I thought it might have turned out if I'd tried cutting the wood to shape myself. Painted up and with a few choice bits of other 40K scenery kits for flavour without distracting attention from the Warlord I think this will fit in nicely with my existing table decor.
I got the legs assembled and pinned with screws to secure the feet/ankles and the hips into a solid square.
The underside shows the built in grip points that make lifting/repositioning the titan easier (a great solution - TOC)
Main torso component preparation and assembly in progress, also currently working on a pair of the recently issued Warlord pattern Mori Quake Cannons to supply a quite literal 'Hammer' of primary loadout, The newly reallocated Forge Skitarii are also providing security for an optional Mars Beta pattern cockpit assembly in progress to accompany the new weapon loadout. 

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  1. Interesting take on magnets, pulling to sides. I drilled up and down so the Rod type magnets would pull vertically, 8mm x 30mm Rod magnets work fine, even 8mm x 20mm Rod (two 10mm rod in series) holds the heaviest arms. Love the base handholds too, that’s genius level!