Wednesday, 13 January 2021

Behind the Scenes - No Lies But Definitely Statistics

Another behind the scenes already!?

You guys can blame our own Princeps Siph and Emerald Phoenix for this [Shadow is genuinely screaming "Thank you!" - TOC].  Some of the administrative staff actually work in fields the do a lot of statistical work (Civil Engineering, Surveying, etc.) and you're obviously giving them an excuse to use that in the Club as well.  So, we came up with some treats for you in terms of data.

These have been shown off before, but it never hurts to update them and the below data is our must current.  No commentary this time because we want to let you guys discuss among yourselves in the comments section, Facebook, etc.  And if we see something juicy in the comments that our database will (reasonably) let us analyze, you might even get answers or see the statistics added.  Now, for the analytical candy:

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  1. Lol, you're welcome :D But thank you for the work. I work with Excel a lot and do enjoy seeing data collected together like this (Yes, I'm aware how sad that sounds). The engine types didn't surprise me, nor did the numbers of Imperial vs Chaos, but the one that really took me by surprise is Legio Astorum. They're really hitting the numbers on engines compared to others! I personally thought Atarus would've been at the top given how many of those I've seen.

    Does make me wonder if the Astorum titan owners are close to each other within the same country, as once COVID is over, it'd be awesome to see all those engines together like House Taranis did at Warhammer World (

    1. The database lets us do regional breakdowns. In the US we can go down to the individual state while in the UK we can go to the county. And of course we can create the filters.

      If your local organizer requests the data it can be provided to them and released as they see fit.

    2. High-level breakdown for you that doesn't need an organizer's request (I can do them, but I prefer to let organizers do their thing at their pace), there are 29 Astorum engines in the UK and 27 in the US. The remaining 29 are scattered throughout the Euro area.

    3. That's a strangely even split across the 3 areas, interesting. Thanks for the info :)

    4. Another one I'm curious about, but I understand if you choose not to disclose the data. Who owns the title of Princeps Majoris in TOC, as in, which individual owns the most engines?

    5. For privacy reasons we cannot disclose that information.

  2. Really enjoyed these Stats! Really interesting to see!