Sunday, 14 February 2021

Eldar Phantom Titan 8 - A'meranth E'lan, Craftworld Biel Tan

Certificate Number: n/a - Phantom 8
Titan Name: 
A’meranth E’lan (Cadence of Her Last Breath)
Pattern: Phantom
Head Unit: n/a
Primary Armament: 
Phantom D-Bombard and Phantom Pulsar with option for the Glaive.
Princeps: Rem Lazar
Titan Legio: Craftworld Biel Tan
Battle Maniple Composition: 
Eldar Phantom Titan, 1 Eldar Revenant Titans, 1 Wraithknight

Owner: Ben R.
Location: Texas, USA



Such lithe creations never seem suited for war and yet they are quite deadly.

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