Tuesday, 9 February 2021

Warlord Titan No.1026 - Augustus Bellator, Legio Astorum

Certificate Number: 0001026
Titan Name: Augustus Bellator
Pattern: Mars Pattern Warlord Titan
Head Unit: Mars-Alpha
Primary Armament: Belicosa Volcano Cannon; Sunfury Plasma Annihilator; (Mori Quake Cannon as option), carapace Titan Laser Blasters
Princeps: Ranfred Torh
Titan Legio: Legio Astorum
Battle Maniple Composition: Warlord (1026)

Owner: Yannick H.
Location: Hesse, Germany
Comments: Engine is still a WIP. Currently I have just the one Titan, however, the addiction is already starting to grow and I am sure this one won't be the last. Already accompanying is my house Terryn knight banner, consisting of 3 Questoris class Imperial Knights and one Dominus class. (glad to hear the 'addiction', we would like to see the Knights here too - TOC)

As of May 2021:

A fine pose and armament (same as mine! - Siph, TOC)
The Mori-Quake Cannon stands ready for action if needed
Great start on the internals
A proud Princeps 
Ranfred Torh on his Command Throne
Lovely detailing of the Command Deck instrumentation.
Superb detailing on the main view screen.
Certificate of Authenticity

Cheers, Princeps Seniores Siph, TOC Admin


  1. Oh my, that viewscreen is amazing! Fantastic work so far princeps!

  2. Thank you so much, Goddenzilla!
    And thanks, Siph, for your kind words and for the amazing work with the blog here! More photos are soon to come and I will see that I take some pics of the knight banner, too.