Monday, 5 April 2021

Mars Warhound Titan No.5704 - Iryn Ynpu, Legio Ignatum

Certificate number: 5704
Titan Name: Iryn Ynpu
Pattern: Mars pattern warhound
Primary Armament: Vulcan megabolter and turbo-laser destructor
Princeps: Piotr Corrus
Titan Legio: Legio Ignatum
Battle Maniple Composition:
Owner: Will B
Location: Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Comments: Constructed during the heresy, its first major action was during the battle of Tallarn. It took part in the final push on the sightless Warren alongside the rest of its maniple. The battle saw only two Titans of the five in the maniple, survive. Iryn Ynpu was one of those Titans. Immediately following the battle, Iryn Ynpu was despatched to Terra to assist in the defence. When the Legio Ignatum was finally unleashed on the traitors, Iryn Ynpu was used in a scout role to select targets for the warlords holding the line.


Thats a damn pretty Fire Wasp.

The spottled Metalwork is great too!

Chevrons look fantastic too

Nice and stable, and very imposing.

Internals look great too.

Work in progress:
Some great weathering on the bulkhead.

Piotr on his command throne.

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