Monday, 17 May 2021

Warhammer 40k - Freeblade Lance Review

 The second, and final, of the Armies of Renown we'll look at from War Zone Charadon Book 1 is the Freeblade Lance.  While not beneficial to defending your Titans like the Mechanicus Defense Cohort, the Freeblade Lance gives our Scions some new options.

The Freeblade Lance is just what it sounds like and requires all units in it to be Freeblade models.  The only other restriction is that models cannot have the same Qualities or Burdens until all other Qualities and Burdens have been used.

This unit then picks up the Freeblade Lance keyword and allows access to unique a Warlord Trait, a relic, and four stratagems.  Further, Freeblade Characters pick up the Legendary Knight ability.

Nothing about this Army of Renown is particularly powerful but it's thematic and opens up your Knight Banner options for those not a fan of being tied to a specific House.

What are your thoughts?

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