Tuesday, 29 June 2021

Titan Owners Club Walk UK 2021 Announcement

 Hello all

We at Titan Owners Club are very excited to announce our third annual Walk for the United Kingdom. The date has been set for the 21st and 22nd of August 2021.

Titan Owners Club Walk 2021 - UK Event Pack. 


This event will use Adeptus Titanicus (AT) rule set scaled up to 28mm scale:
  • Data terminals and weapon cards will be prepared for every Engine and Knight Banner for the event. These will be personalised to each Titan (referencing name and class, as well as the correct measurements for the 28mm weapon ranges and movements etc).
  • Each side will have equal point values based on the points values set out in Adeptus Titanicus. If one side has less points than the other, then additional stratagems etc. may be granted to the underdog as per the AT rulebook.
  • Battle Maniples: Each Battle Maniple will comprise 6 Engines/Banners/Squadrons. They may be comprised of one Princeps with a total of 6 Engines/Banners/Squadrons, or made up from Princeps with a single Titan each. Battle Maniples will be determined at the beginning of each day. One Princeps in each Battle Maniple will be declared the Princeps Senioris (the head Princeps in the Battle Maniple). 
  • Each Battle Maniple will be provided with an A2 Corkboard, on which will be the Data terminals for all Engines/Banners in the Battle Maniple.
  • Respawn: When a Titan is removed from play it goes into reserves and can re-enter from its side's board edge at the beginning of the next game turn without rolling for reserves. 
  • Objectives: There will be a set of Strategic/Narrative Objectives. These will be determined closer to the event.
  • Kill board: There will be a board which will enable the sides to keep track of the Engine’s Kills, Assists and Deaths. This will be used to determine a few awards at the end of the day, and will be Engine-specific. 
  • Templates, Arcs and lack of bases: All templates will be scaled up and created for ease of use for the 28mm setting. Due to the 28mm lack of bases when it comes to calculating direct hits etc. the central hole of the blast marker if it covers a part of the Titan/Knight it counts as 2x hits.
Gaming mat.
Shoes are allowed on the gaming mat but they must be clean and smooth-soled (tennis shoes, plimsolls etc). General rule of thumb: would you be happy to walk on your own gaming mat in them? If TOC staff believe the chosen footwear are not suitable, overshoes will be provided. Walk carefully and be fully aware of your surroundings when walking on the mat. Do not step on or knock over Titans, Knights or terrain. We do not take liability for any Titans being damaged in the Walk.

Images of the gaming mat and room we are using can be seen below. Deep-Cut studios were commissioned by Titan Owners Club to do a 54ft x 16ft gaming mat. They have done a fantastic job too.  

2019 Walk:

2018 Walk:


Friday (if you want to get there the night before who can blame you):
  • We will be gathering in the bar area after 4pm (COVID guidelines permitting).
  • Meet at 08:30 - 09:00.
  • Game starts 09:30.
  • Lunch 12:30 - 13:30 (not included in price unfortunately, there are restaurants / takeaways etc nearby which we tend to order from).
  • End of Saturday gaming 17:30 (Titans packed away and put into storage for the night).
  • Meet in Lobby bar at 18:30.
  • Heading out for a group meal in the evening (not included in price unfortunately either lol).
  • Meet at 09:00.
  • Game starts 09:30.
  • Lunch 12:30 - 13:30 (not included in price unfortunately, there are restaurants / takeaways etc nearby which we tend to order from).
  • End of Sunday gaming 15:30.
  • Award ceremony 16:00.

Food & drink. 
We have booked unlimited coffee, tea and cookies to be available throughout days. This is £5 per person. 


The event will be held at NOVOTEL Milton Keynes, Heelands. We can organise a double room for you or a twin if sharing, with breakfast included. We have arranged for some preferential rates for the Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday nights too. Please make this known when reserving your place.

The address of the venue is NOVOTEL Milton Keynes, and more info about it's amenities can be found here.

This is a 2 day event.

Prices per Engine (price covers Saturday and Sunday gaming):

  • 1x Knight Banner (3-6 Questoris Knights, 2-4 Cerastus Knights or 1-2 Porphyrion Knights) £13. All Knights will be treated as having the same loadout to speed up the game.
  • 1x Warhound £13
  • 1x Reaver £18
  • 1x Warbringer £18
  • 1x Warlord £18
  • Unlimited coffee, Tea and Biscuits £5

0 out of 66 Titan/unit spaces remaining. 

8 out of 66 Titan/unit spaces remaining.

Places filling up fast! Loyalists can fight for the Traitors and vice-versa (declare your allegiance on request to join).

Please email us your interest!

Please email to be put on the cancellation/reserve list. 

Limitations and restrictions:
We have decided to not allow Xenos Knights or Titans in this event as it will be a story driven battlefield.  
Attendees must be 18 years old+. All models must be fully painted and Forge World Produced Titans.
We will be adhering to all government guidelines regarding COVID.

Other limitations may apply.

This page will be updated as bookings are received.

Titan Owners Club

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