Thursday, 24 June 2021

Warhammer+ - Why are We Excited?

 A LOT came out of WarCom today about the new Warhammer+ subscription service.  Okay, so it's not all Titans and Knights, but that's fine for good reason.  We're excited about what's coming because it will feed some of our big stompy robot wants.

First up, the highlights:

  • 4.99 GBP per month or 49.99 GBP annually ($5.99 or $59.99 for our US guys)
  • Literally only double your current 40k app subscription
    • Which, by the way is now rolled into that cost.
  • A new AoS app meaning that when you look at that the two apps are basically bundled and yet...
  • YOU GET MORE!  That price has both apps, the Warhammer Vault, Citadel Colour Masterclass, Battle Report, free miniatures, and the Warhammer animations.

Yes, free minis though none of them are Titans or Knights.  That would be pretty cool though.

There's a lot coming to say the least and it's all on August 25th.  So why are we so excited?

Titans and Knights.  Anyone remember when Angels of Death was first announced?  The Blood Angels were advancing alongside an Imperator Titan.  It's FINALLY time to see that Imperator as the series debuts its first few episodes when Warhammer+ goes live.  We'll get to see an Imperator in video form soon enough: talk about exciting.

The Exodite has also showed Titans will be there as well, so another reason to get your Titan jam on.

For our Scions, Broken Lance is coming out and that promises to be a tale of betrayal, giant stompy robots, and some seriously angry grudges.  Lances are at least 3 Banners big, meaning that there are plenty of Knights to be had and from what we were previously told it might be more than just a single Lance but quite the impressive collection of Scions that have to get things back in order.

Are you all ready to see our big stompy robots in animated form?  

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