Thursday, 16 September 2021

Mars Warhound Titan No.6590 - Astrum Vulpes, Legio Silentium

Certificate Number: 0006590
Titan Name: Astrum Vulpes
Pattern: Mars Pattern Warhound Titan
Head Unit: n/a
Primary Armament: Turbo-Laser Destructor, Titan Inferno Cannon
Princeps: + Redacted +
Titan Legio: Legio Silentium
Battle Maniple Composition: Warhound (6590)

Owner: Cairan M.
Location: Scotland, UK
Comments: So this was meant to be a big end of the backlog reward, but you know how those things work out.


Great progress made by Princeps Cairan

Big red box of resin joy
Ready for washing and resin vent cutting
Certificate already framed

Thanks to Princeps Cairan for sharing

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