Wednesday, 27 October 2021

Walk 2021 - USA Rapidly Approaching


It's time to sling your piece to your hip, clean your spurs, grab your hat, and get ready to get dust all over your boots.  It's time to wrangle up some Titans!

The National is in just under two weeks and we're looking forward to seeing everyone.  We've already got 4 Warlords, 3 Warbringers, 4 Reavers, 7 Warhounds, and a whopping 77 (NOT A TYPO) Knights set to attend; provided I'm not streaming the event.  We still have room for you!  Yeah, c'mon cowboy, jump in if you're ready to throw down again.  Let us know if you're coming and we'll make sure to have your spot in the shootout ready.

November 6th (40k, 9th Edition) and November 7th (Apocalypse) for a campaign weekend that builds on the previous two Citadel events.  Entrants into the Saturday portion on the 6th also have freebies at the ready.

TOC Walk USA 2021.jpg

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