Sunday, 22 May 2022

Eldar Revenant Titan No.12 - Serpentor, Archon Paijn's Kabal

Certificate Number: n/a - Revenant 12
Titan Name: Serpentor
Pattern: Revenant
Head Unit: n/a
Primary Armament: Twin Pulsars
Princeps: #UNDISCLOSED# Corrupted Steersman
Titan Legio: Craftworld #Expunged from Imperial Records#
Battle Maniple Composition: Eldar Phantom Titan (10); Revenant Titan (12)

Owner: Geoff P.
Location: Essex, UK

Comments: Here is my Revenant titan to go with the Phantom. It is called Serpentor and was stolen by Archon Paijn after double crossing Craftworld Iyanden. Having helped an Iyanden taskforce fend off tyranids from a maiden world, Archon Paijn took advantage of the victory and and had his Wych cult capture the surviving craftworlders for the arena's. The Spirit Seer leading the force was shot by Paijn (in the back of course) following the victory immediately. He then through means best left undisclosed managed to corrupt the steersman of the titan and add it to his Kabal. It is now painted in Archon Paijn's Kabal colours and was used to help obtain the Phantom Titan Event Horizon.


Beautiful edge highlighting

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