Join Titan Owners Club

Hello everyone, and welcome to Titan Owners Club. 

This unofficial club has been set up for owners of official Forge World Battle Engines to share their projects and works for the Titan loving community to see. It will be used as a repository, only sharing information you want to have shared. Ideally every Titan that has or will ever be purchased will end up recorded on this site, detailing:

Certificate Number: Displayed bottom centre of certificate.
Titan Name: The name of the Battle Engine
Pattern: The Chassis type (Mars-Alpha, Mars Pattern, Lucius Pattern). 
Head Unit: Warlord Titans only, Mars-Alpha or any of the new heads coming out. 
Primary Armament: What weapons the Engine is equipped with. 
Princeps: The name of the commanding Princeps
Titan Legio: The Legio it is part of.
Battle Maniple Composition: What other Titans you have including official Certificate references. These will be linked to your other Titans. Displayed as e.g. "Warhound 1234, Reaver 1234" etc
Owner: Your name (First Name and initial of Surname or an Alias).
Location: Location of the Titan (preferably County/State and/or Country - but can be however you want it to be displayed including "Classified"). This can be viewed by anyone who enters the site and wishes to view your Titan.
Comments: Do you have any comments about the engine.

All Photos you may have of this Titan (and Demi Legio / Skitarii Warhost), during any and every stage of it's construction, painting (including paint guide if you wish), showcase pictures (preferably against a white wall etc) and Battle Pictures.

A Photo of the certificate must be taken to authenticate your Titan. If two people try to authenticate under the same certificate then we will contact both owners for additional photographic proof.

All of the information you provide is visible to the community and will be displayed upon our site (apart from the certificate photo) and needs to be updated if your Titan changes owner. 

Why join Titan Owners Club?

Mainly to share your work with other Titan lovers and to build a community around these Battle Engines. There will be a downloads section which will feature many downloadable documents and plans.

Also, no Owners Club is complete without a host of events. We endeavour to have gigantic Titan Battles for which only official Titans and Club members will be able to have access to, see the Events Tab for the previous Walks.

To join just copy the required data above and paste it into an email linked below
Don't forget to join our official Facebook pages too for the Walk events:

More to follow.

We hope you consider this site as a worthy resource as we catalogue the World's Battle Engines. . . at least until Forge World does their own :)

We will email you from time to time with notifications of events we are running, the occasional survey, competition or club promotion. We will not share your details with any other organisation or club. You reserve the right to ask us to remove yourself and your Titans from the Club at any time.

Titan Owners Club.


  1. I have several titans, a warlord two reavers and a warhound. I've lost one of my reaver certificates in a house move. Can i still include it?

    1. Yes you should be able to, the others have Certificates? Missing one shouldn’t be a problem, email TOC and ask, provide evidence if you can but at the end of the day if you know it’s genuine and all the others have Certificates, it’s a simple of course, it will be listed as AWOC. Email TOC with all the details and get your Titans included! ;)

  2. Are Tau titans allowed as they have no certificate. Also do you allow pre painted titans as I had a friend paint it and don't have progress pics. Thanks!

    1. Yes and yes. Taunar Big suit and a Banner Of Riptides (four minimum) will be allowed. Doesn’t matter who painted them for you, follow the tab above for Knight Owners and normal Titan link for the Taunar Supremacy Armour, it’s basically a Warhound size!

    2. How about Tiger Sharks? I'm just trying to guage size wise what qualifies. I know in lore that the Tiger Shark AX-1-0 was the primary Tau titan hunter (at least until GW retconned the Tau's opinion on building titans in order to sell more models)

    3. Unfortunately although Tiger Sharks AX-1-0 was designed as a Titan Hunter, it isn't really a superheavy flyer, we also don't include Shadowswords or Baneblades, even though the Shadowsword was designed as a Titan Hunter. We try to keep the ethos of the club for 'Titanic' Titans and Knights but Xenos blurs the boundaries, looking at Tyranids/T'au and Aeldari and soon Necrons (Seraptek). By all means when you photograph the Taunar, include some with the Tiger Shark!

  3. I have Phantom and Revenant Titan, being an Eldar player. These do not come with certificates, but I have proof of purchase from Forgeworld and the original Phantom box. Will this suffice in lieu of certificate?

    1. It will. Please email the corresponding email for your region (US/Rest of World or UK/Europe) with the invoice and pictures to help with authentication.

  4. Hi. Is this club only for Forgeworld titans? Old Armorcast and scratch-built titans are admisible too? Thanks.

    1. Hello to you as well. :) The blog portion of the Club only accepts Forge World (Titans and Knights) and Citadel (Knights) units for registration. However, the Club also maintains a Facebook page where your Armorcast can reside and scratch-builds of Imperators are permitted.