Monday, 28 November 2016

Update Reaver No.1901- Flame of Ruin, 28-11-16

Kim had some great news to share with us recently as a lot of progress has been made on Flame of Ruin.

"Real awesome kit, did spend alot of time (for me) getting the torso right! I am quite proud!"


The Rite of Construction is ready to commence.

The weapons stand ready to bring ruin to the Titan's foes.

The magnetization work that will be key to being able to swap weapons commences.

The pose takes shape, and there is quite a lovely carapace weapon conversion that has been well done.

The Titan is mostly assembled and the Rite of Colors begins!

Always ensure the safety of a Titan in transit, even in its macro transporter.

Wonderful progress, keep it coming! - TOC


  1. Awwwww yeah! Love the conversion. Your paint work thus far is super clean! Looking forward to seeing more of this maniple!

  2. Think the Conversion is the FW Strongpoint Tile armament, I reckon that is what FW were making it for originally anyway! Must get one myself, the Apoc Launcher just doesn't live up to its name.

    Great progress, I laughed at the seatbelt picture! I have to do that to the fully painted ones, wrapped in foam and a cardboard box, but secured by seat belts too!

    1. Edit, the Realm of Battle Imperial Primus Redoubt Cannon. Does any work have to be done to the cannon underside to fit the Reaver?

    2. Yes its the cannon from the primus Redoubt! And it fits perfectly no work needed :)

  3. That carapace weapon works famously! I was curious about its ability to point downward at the battleboard, but its dimensions are spot on for the conversion! Looks epic!