Wednesday, 10 May 2017

KS0002 - The Lances of Roderick, House Raven

Today's post is about the the newest member of the club. Sir Jan B of Hamburg has shared his very nicely painted House Raven force.

Banner Name: The Lances of Roderick
Seneschal: Lord Roderick Galvaine – The Duke’s Herald, Master of Trials
Knight Seneschal: Cerastus Knight Lancer – “Untamed Fury”
Knight Scion: Sir Gilbert Lanhoe – Knight Paladin “Righteous Hate”
Knight Scion: Lady Maryanne Raven – Knight Warden “Raven’s Fist”
Knight House: House Raven
Titan Allies: None at least for now [TOC - We approve of this statement!]

Owner: Jan B.
Location: Hamburg, Germany

Lord Roderick has served as the Iron Duke’s Herald for over 70 years by now. He served Duke Grevan’s predecessor and – he is not getting tired to state that at every opportunity possible - will also serve his successor. Family Galvaine’s history dates back to the first settlers on Kolossi and though many heroes are among their ranks, Roderick is the culmination of the family’s martial pride. He is know to be the perfect incarnation of a Knight Lancer’s pilot: temperamental, impetuous, a skilled and cunning tactician with a focus on close combat assaults where most of the glory can be won. Under his command the Knights of House Raven won many of their greatest victories including Borealis V and the Sarcan Purging.

Since the death of Lord Albus Brecher, the former Master of Trials, Lord Roderick was honoured to become the new Master of Trials and responsible for the initiation of new members to House Raven's elite formation and inner circle, the Companions. Lately after heavy losses in the campaigns around the Eye of Terror Lord Roderick has returned to Kolossi to assemble new Knights to his Banner. During these days he received yet another proof of the Iron Duke’s trust in his martial skills and future victories - Lord Roderick will lead the Iron Duke’s young cousin, Lady Maryanne Raven, into battle.

Great background to the Knights House! Can't wait to see your Acastus Knight Porphyrion finished next!


  1. I definitely like the look of this Banner. Very nice work and the weathering is great.

  2. Great looking Knights, great stuff. Like the banners on the other standard Knights

  3. I really like the back banners! Overall I have to say this is really well done. The stripes are super clean. Nice work!

    1. Thanks for your feedback! Though my hobby time is quite limited at the moment the beast build a.k.a. Porphyrion is making good progress - painting a Warhound sized model by brush is not the most time efficient approach! ...But the kit is definaltely worth it!

  4. Beautifully painted! Love the banners on the Knights too!

  5. I absolutely love these knights - you've done a fantastic job! Especially like the lancer head swap which works really well! :)