Sunday, 23 August 2015

Reaver Titan No128 - Angelus Bellum, Legio Ignatum

Certificate number: 128
Titan Name: Angelus Bellum
Pattern: Mars 
Head Unit: Standard
Primary Armament: Apocalypse Missile Launcher/Laser Blaster/Gatling Blaster
Princeps: Torin Kord - Previous Service - Princepts Canis Saevus - Moderati Ferrox Lupus. 
Titan Legio: Legio Ignatum - Fire Wasps
Maniple composition: Warhound Titan 199
Owner: *Classified*
Location: Cambridgeshire UK. Currently under refit Legio Marshalling yard #P/R-9445 MARS (WIP)
Comments: Angelus Bellum is currently under refit due to damage received fighting against the Legio Mortis in a recent incursion into the Cadian System. 
The Angelus Bellum's war record is the stuff of legends and stretches back to the first inception of the Reaver Titan chassis on Mars. She saw service throughout the Great Crusade, and in the dark days of the Horus Heresy she fought valiantly at the Palace on Terra. During one action she lost a weapon mount and motor systems to almost the entire left side, as she fought in close combat with two enemy engines. Her damaged Gatling blaster was used as a shield until torn off as she destroyed one opponent with a point blank melta cannon shot, the others' head unit was struck from the chassis mount by her power maul. 
She limped back to the Ignatum lines where she fought on. 
When the siege was finally lifted Princeps Agan, in command at the time, was given command of a maniple which included the warhounds Canis Saevus and Ferrox Lupus and were part of the first of the legion to walk once again on Martian soil. 
Princeps Agan eventually rose to the rank of Princeps Maximus leading the Legio Ignatum for over 327 Terran years after his elevation. The Banners of both Angelus Bellum from his Princepture and those of the his Warlord stand to this day within the Legio's hall of heroes. 
Under the Princepture of Princeps Senoris Rotus Tillion the Angelus Bellum was damaged badly in recent fighting and the MIU feedback was too much for the Princeps to endure. Although Victorious the Canis and Ferrox had to stand guard as the Angelus was recovered. 
Princeps Torin Kord has been elevated to her Princepture and great things are expected. 


Work in progress:

Gattling Blasters look amazing. 

The Maniple grows. 

Status as of 24/08/2015. 

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