Sunday, 23 August 2015

Warlord Titan No192 - Imperius Cronus, Legio Tartarus

Certificate Number: 192
Titan Name: Imperius Cronus
Head: Mars-Alpha pattern head
Pattern: Mars-Alpha Pattern Warlord
Primary Armament: Volcano cannon, macro Gatling cannon, carapace apoc launchers
Princeps: Tyrion
Titan Legio: Legio Tartarus
Maniple composition: Reaver Titan 1677, Mars Warhound 3831
Owner: Matthew S
Location: North Carolina, USA
Comments: Trying to prepare  for a 13th black crusade game next year, Creed needs all the help he can get. 



Great family photo.

They are backing a large army.  Must be a huge battle.


The beautiful red boxes arrive. 

The weight is great. 

Creed oversees the construction.

Up to date as of 23/08/2015.  

Titan Owners Club. 

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