Friday, 21 August 2015

Lucius Warhound No199 - Canis Saevus, Legio Ignatum

Certificate number: 199
Titan Name: Canis Saevus
Pattern: Lucius Pattern - Jackal Class
Head Unit: N/A
Primary Armament: Vulcan Mega Bolter and Inferno Gun
Princeps: Donatus Torrel - Previous service Moderati - Canis Saevus. 
Titan Legio: Legio Ignatum - Fire Wasps
Maniple composition: Reaver 128. 
Owner: * Classified *
Location: Cambridgeshire UK. [Deployed in Theatre]*
Comments: One of the few remaining Jackals class titans left in service Canis Saevusremains a reminder of a Legacy soon to be lost. Canis Saevus fought along side the Imperial Fists, with its sister Warhound the Ferrox Lupus, during the final days of the Siege of Terra in a small pocket of resistance near St Samuels space port under the region protected originally by the Europa Orbital plate. After the siege was lifted Canis Saevus was one of the first Legio Ignatum Titans to stride again on Martian soil as Part of Angellus Bellum's War Maniple. These three Titans, have only been separated on 7 occasions in over 10 thousand years service since. 
The most recent of these where when Canis Saevus was damaged fighting against a Tyranid incursion, during an exploratory mission by the Scythes of the Emperor Chapter to Sotha in conjunction with a Mechanicum cohort where she was diverted for repairs/refit along with the Ferrox
and in latest engagement where the Angellus Bellum maniple openly fought with Traitor Titans from their nemesis' the Legio Mortis, and the Angellus, although victorious was damaged in the Engagement and Princepts Senioris Tillion succumbed to MIU feedback wounds.   
The Canis and Fereox are currently on a short term deployment with the Imperial Fists and House Hawkshroud to an unknown system deployment. 


Very nice shading. The Lucius is a lovely Engine. 

Tearing the walls down of the enemies of the Emperor. 

Titan Owners Club. 

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