Sunday, 21 February 2016

Mechanicum News Bulletin, 21/02/16- War on Every Front!

This week has been very busy for the Titan Owners Club as activity has gotten back in full swing.  Today we are bringing you a new feature that will show off the progress that the TOC members have made on their engines, recapping all of the action that was delivered.  If you didn't make the news this week, you may well make it next week.  Join us for a roundup of this week and catch up on what you may have missed.

Mechanicum News Bulletin, 21/02/16

Read all about it!  Blood of Caldos took on an entire Exalted Court with little support and completely decimated the treacherous House of Byzantium.  In our first ever featured Walk After-Action Report, Blood of Caldos took the fight to the enemy!  The Omnissiah Protects.

Battlefield reinforcements favor those of the faithful as Legio Tempestus nears the date of seeing Ignis Dominus join the ranks.  This beautiful God-Machine nears completion and Tagsta of the Legio shared these pict feeds with us.  There is more coming of this beauty in the future.

Not to be outdone, Bone Garland of the Legio Mortis saw further work as well.  In a race of arms, another Warlord seeks to rush to the field.  Paint and Legio markings adorn the massive Warlord Titan and he seems close to walk.  Will his reactor power up soon?  And what makes the machine male or female?  The Machine knows all.  The Machine knows that this was also T.O.C. 100th post.  Congrats to T.O.C. for hitting such a major milestone.

Word from Mars has brought us news that yet another Warhound Titan seems to be preparred and is making progress.  Blessing of the Omnissiah be upon it, for it will be deployed against the treacherous Tau Empire.  It seems the God-Machine already has its sights set upon trampling the Tau underfoot.  And the head unit is making much progress.

In the same vein of the two Warlord Titans, Mortis Vindicta is nearing completion.  She prepares for a walk coming up the next month and seeks to slay her enemies.  She is seeing more of her Legio colors and is rapidly progressing through the manufacturing process.  

In all, very good progress on the Engines in T.O.C. and much more is scheduled to be shown.  We have been given quite a healthy backlog and look forward to showing off you endeavors.  Keep them coming and we'll keep on posting.  Tomorrow has a rather big surprise, and here is a small teaser:

Not sure what it is?  Check in with us tomorrow to find out.

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