Sunday, 28 February 2016

Mechanicum News Bulletin- 28/02/16, Send in the Titans!

This week was extremely productive for the T.O.C as each day saw new content go up.  Our second Titan Walk was featured and some new Titans officially joined the ranks.  Join us for a roundup of this week and catch up on what you may have missed.

Mechanicum News Bulletin, 21/02/16

Did you see the size of that beast!  Monday saw the biggest kit Forge World makes, that Tau Manta become the first registered xenos machine on Titan Owner's Club.  The Nightwind Cadre certainly received some extra support as the Earth Caste engineers have been hard at work getting the flyer ready for deployment and use by the Air Caste.

Anima Messor has been moving around since last we saw her.  Titan Walks are in her future, but will be done so under the command of a new Princepsure.  

In the Belephron System a Warhound Titan experienced her first major walk.  Venator Lupus took part in the Thanksgiving Massacre III in Louisiana, USA to the tune of 17 kills and a flawless performance that saw her take no damage at all.  Her walk was successful and was a showcase of what a Warhound Titan can do when left completely unchecked.

The Legio Perennia made itself known to the Titan Owners Club as Novacula Occulta joined the carnage that ensues by Titan Owners.  This Alpha Legion controlled Titan is in the early stages, but big things are clearly in mind by her owner.  We are looking forward to seeing the growth of this engine. 

Lelantos of the Legio Fureans also stepped up and became registered with the T.O.C.  This Warhound Titan has also gotten a good start and will be yet another asset to the Alpha Legion.  Hopefully soon this girl will live up to her name and begin stalking her prey.

Ian has made quite a lot of progress on his engine.  The internals of the machine are now complete and further work has been done on posing the Warhound.  The detail has come out sharp and crisp and as the building and basing continues, the story of this glorious engine is coming to the fore.

In a show of Warhounds dominating the week, another of their number has joined the ranks of the Titan Owners Club.  Canis Ferrum of the Legio Gladius joined us, along with a Lucius Pattern sibling.  Some work is still to be done on her, but it will all come soon enough.

That's all for this week's Mechanicum New Bulletin.  Make sure to check in next week as the focus shifts to the bigger engines of the battlefields and we get a new Titan Walk up.

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