Monday, 29 February 2016

Update Warlord No212 - Ira Deorum, 29/02/16

Nathanuel has made some further progress on his Warlord and dropped us some pictures of how the war engine is coming along.


I've attached some pictures of the first set of armour plates. I'm now on to the other plates as well, but for now, this will give an indication about where I'm going.  The technique involved base color/blending in oil paints, spray coat purity seal, then slide transfers, and citadel paints in a very limited palette. Once I get things together, I will put together a complete painting guide.  I've also included some sneak peaks at the next set of blue plates with stencils. Enjoy!"

Update Pictures:

Very phantom-like decals, appropriate, given the Legio name.

Looking very sharp

The green and gold trim complement each other very well.

Very good looking start to the gun shields

Going to be a beautiful looking engine at the pace you're setting.  - T.O.C.


  1. Looking good and coming along quite well. Love the way you've done the iconography on the Titan.

  2. You sir are a bloody marvel!

    Completely insane of course, but a bloody marvel no less.

    I LOVE THIS!!!

  3. That is 100% awesome. Absolutely incredible work. Well done.

  4. Wow, just wow. That is some amazing painting going on there.

  5. This is absolutely amazing. I really want to see that guide. What are the stencils cut from? Looks almost like wax paper.