Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Update Warlord No198 - Ignis Dominus, 01/03/16

Tagsta has brought us even more progress on his Titans.  Banner work now adorns them and his Warlord, Ignis Dominus, is making even more progress.  He was able to share these pics with us:

Very good looking banners, and suitably worn from age.

Some recent decal work also adorns the Titans.

A family photo.

Hi there.

Very sharp looking job on the head unit.

A very lethal soda.

Keep up the great work.  Ignis Dominus is looking amazing. - T.O.C.


  1. I hope you know a guy with some traitors or Xenos to punish. That is a seriously powerful Titan maniple. Then I noticed the ultra marines.....

    Those banners look really good.

  2. Care to share the method you used for the banner?