Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Update Reaver Titan No182, Anima Messor, 23/02/2016

We recently received word about Anima Messor from Jon regarding the status of the Reaver.

He passed along to us that: 

"Just wanted to mention that I no longer am the owner of Reaver 182. He's now on patrol somewhere in the mid-west.

I am proud to report I am the owner of a new Reaver and Warlord that I will be starting work on soon. Instead of using my homegrown Legion I will be painting them in an established Legion color scheme; Legio Tempestus,  heavily influenced by your site."

Maybe one day we'll find find out the new owner to proudly display on Anima Messor's page, but we are excited to hear about your upcoming new Titans, and in Tempestus colors at that.  - T.O.C.

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