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Walk After-Action Report -- Venator Lupus, MWH3890




Senior Princeps Gaius Gladius, Venator Lupus, Legio Kurogane battle report log initiated.  Walk log set in 999.M41, Imperial calendar. Belephron Wars engagement.  Apocalypse class engagement (10,000 points)  Begin report.

Note, Traitor forces presence confirmed upon Belephron I but did not engage due to immediate threats upon Belephron II where stationed and remained under both Mechanicus and Inquisitorial orders instead of requesting redeployment.  Threats consisted of Eldar forces and Tyranids upon Belephron II.  Full log begins now.

I, Senior Princeps of the Legio Kurogane, Gaius Gladius, had been assigned to a battlegroup of Adeptus Astartes from the Hunter Wolves Chapter, en route to Baal for the defense of their Primarch's home system to aid the Blood Angels Chapter.  The Legio Kurogane has pledged support in this fight in order to protect a major Astartes home world and bastion of hope for the Imperium of Man.  Piloting Venator Lupus, the engine so named for the very Hunter Wolves themselves, I was assigned to provide support to the Fourth Company and assist the Hunter Wolves with the defense of the Belephron System first in order to prevent further Tyranid reinforcements from reaching Baal.  Following the battle, orders were to move on with the Fourth Company to Baal for that defensive action as well.

Venator and I were among the second wave of forces to land upon Belephron II, our forces having already discovered the Genestealer taint upon the now doomed planet, but before the bulk of the Tyranid forces arrived.  Initial actions undertaken at the beginning of the campaign were simply to watch my Titan Guard dispatch Genestealers that had the audacity to attempt to charge them, little more than probing attacks that saw them cut down.  I would have to ensure that the Skitarii Alpha in charge of those units would be commended later on for their bravery.  After doing a few small patrols and determining no major enemy threats were upon the battlefield, I maneuvered Venator Lupus into a section of the now ruined mining complex and powered down her reactor to the minimum needed, also allowing the Moderati time to rest.

The actions of Inquisitor Erik Faulkaunus in the nesting grounds of the Patriarch stirred the Tyranids into action and the Genestealers boiled out of the mines en mass.  To further complicate the situation the Hive Fleet began dropping its troops to the planet's surface.  The Moderati quickly got Venator  up to full battle readiness and the engagement began.

Just as the Hunter Wolves forces were dropping in the Moderati assisted me with gaining firing solutions for both the turbo and plasma weaponry.  A twitch of my right hand sent plasma screaming down the right flank of the battlefield and incinerated Tyranid Warriors and an unlucky Gargoyle that was nearby, their bodies burning under the living flame.  Continuing to target that area due to a nearby Carnifex Brood, the firing solution gained by my Moderati held true and I pulled my fingers tight in the approximation of pulling a trigger.  Laser fire erupted from my...Venator's...left arm and more of the nearby Warriors were turned to dust while the target Carnifex brood was severely injured, one of them vaporizing cleanly under the onslaught of weaponry.

Oddly, Venator was completely untargeted by enemy forces throughout the engagement in spite of the shear punishment we were raining down upon the foe.  There should be much credit given to the Hunter Wolves in spite of their tumultuous relationship with the Adeptus Mechanicus.  They were quite instrumental in protecting us and heavily assisted the Titan Guard in keeping Venator from being boarded.

As a result of the freedom to fire without issue and based on further firepower eliminating my previous targets, the Moderati assisted with selecting additional targets.  The Wraithknight that had just come in the targeting sights of the turbo was suddenly obliterated by the Hunter Wolves Thunderhawk Fenrir, depriving me of a fine kill.  However, all is important in the service of the Emperor and it allowed my guns to free once more.  Further fire saw the obliteration of a Wraithlord of one of the Eldar forces in the battle, the turbo completely obliterating it from existence and carving a furrow in the ground, while plasma fire burned Genestealers to ash.

In spite of the tide of battle changing back and forth multiple times, the Hunter Wolves proved victorious on Belephron II, breaking the enemy and routing them, chasing them down the field.  While they did so, Venator's spirit pushed upon me and she and I gave to the moment of war and continued to kill even the smallest of foes with relish while we could.  Orders from the Mechanicus bade me to stay in the complex and so I did in time.  We now await transit to the Baal System to defend the Blood Angels homeworld.

Combat effectiveness measured at 70 percent due to the stolen Wraithknight kill, with 17 confirmed kills in combat.  Zero structural damage taken, void shields are in full condition.  Ready for redeployment.  A full account of the battle can be obtained from Chapter Command of the Hunter Wolves.


The start of the battle sees a small defensive cordon in Venator Lupus' sector of the engagement.  Her Titan Guard are in the building in front of her.

Only for it to be heavily reinforced by the bulk of the army.  The old girl gets to fire with impunity.


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