Sunday, 6 March 2016

Mechanicum News Bulletin- 06/03/16, Battle Titans Dominate

The Warhound Titans managed to become the stars of last week for Titan Owners Club, but this week the scout class Titans took a back seat to their battle class brethren.  Many of them are racing to hit the front lines, while some of them vented their fury in a grand fashion.

Mechanicum News Bulletin, 06/03/16

A ghastly yet completely beautiful presence began the week for the Titan Owners Club as Ira Deorum saw iconography and armor plating lovingly prepared by the Tech Priests.  An amazing look is being given to the Titan and a lot of ingenuity really went into the design.  It looks flat out amazing.  Check it out.

Like her Warlord class sibling, Ignis Dominus also saw a lot of work done.  Family photos helped to define the size of the massive war engine and to show off the unifying look of new decal work and banners.  The Warlord creeps over closer to walking.

Astramos Mortis Æternem became the first Reaver Titan of the T.O.C. to have a walk article done about her exploits.  The venerable Reaver, with smart Mechanicum support, faced off against an Iron Warriors force.  Was she triumphant?  You'll have to see in the Walk After-Action report?

The Weemen have been moving quickly on Dominus Victoria and the forges report that her superstructure has been completed.  This Titan is quickly proving to be able to have adaptability and even seems designed to make her easier to transport.  Has the Mechanicum figured something new out?  Check out the progress they've made, as well as the guide they've posted on their build.

Closing out the week once more were the Weemen, delivering not one, but two Titan Walks.  While not a written story by the T.O.C. this time, it certainly features some of the Titans registered and is a festival of pictures and descriptions.  See their engines at war.

That's all for this week's Mechanicum New Bulletin.  Check in during the week as new things come up and some new Titans possibly join the fray.

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