Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Warlord Titan No8 - Eternal Vigilance, Legio Crucius

Certificate number: 8
Titan Name: Eternal Vigilance
Pattern: Mars Pattern Warlord
Head unit: Mars Alpha (refitting to Beta soon)
Primary Armament: 2 x Belicosa Pattern volcano cannon, 2 x laser blaster.(optional weapon swap to apocalypse missile launchers)
Princeps: Isador Vash 
Titan Legio: Legio Crucius 

Owner: Andrew C
Location: Cumbria, UK 

Comments: Videos of construction and painting can be found here: Mars Pattern Warlord Titan: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1ssdjgnc6Vc_QcKqAr11ZdUmRXN6DdK0

 Some terrific zonal highlighting on the eyes. Very effective.

 Some very nice heat damage on the Volcano cannon

 Some great use of airbrushing on this miniature.

A great God Engine. Lets hope we see it march soon

Titan Owners Club


  1. Amazing. I hope when I finish my Warhound it looks half this good. I really like the "eyes" - the green sensors showing through the helmet slot - and the heat bluing on the volcano cannons really adds a nice touch.

  2. Number 8, you must have ordered before the first day of sales! Great stuff, I bagged Reaver 10 and 11 for my friend, and somehow got 2nd Hand Warhound 10 but the Warlords evaded me and I only got Warlord 10-4, 104. You should travel down with Lyden P and his Maniple for the next TOC UK Walk, he's up your way :)