Sunday, 20 March 2016

Mechanicum News Bulletin 20/3/16- New Paths to Tread

The Titan Owners Club continues to see new Titans registering and updates while the owners furiously work on their engines.  The week even saw a new feature in owner interviews.  The roar of battle calls and the Titans stand ready to answer.

The week began with the Legio Mortis sounding the clarion call to battle.  Equus Pallidus joined the ranks of the Warlords and progress has been made on the superstructure of the Titan.  Drake has been rather gleeful at seeing another Mortis engine.

Continuing a string of new content for the T.O.C. was our first ever Titan Owner Interview.  Shadow sat down recently with the owner of Execratus, Alex S. and they discuss Titan ownership, the hobby, what Titans mean to their owners, and much more.  It's an in depth peek into the mind of the man behind the machine and inspirational in thought.

The Legio Mortis was not the only one to call in reinforcements this week.  Following on the success in getting one of their Warhounds to the field of battle last week, the Legio Astorum brought in yet another Warhound.  The sister engines are indeed a Warhound Hunting Pack and Multa Nimis takes her place beside her twin, ready to bring death and justice to the enemy.

Closing out our week as an early production Reaver Titan.  While it's yet to see a name or a Legio to be assigned to, the progress has been coming along nicely.  Based upon the work being put into it, it will see blessing from the Omnissiah and a very versatile loadout.

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