Friday, 18 March 2016

Reaver Titan No11 - TBD, TBD

Certificate Number: 11
Titan Name: TBC
Pattern: Mars Pattern Reaver
Primary Armament: Gatling Blaster, Laser Blaster, Power Fist, Apoc Missile Launcher
Princeps: TBC
Titan Legio: TBC- potentially Legio Crucius/War Mongers 
Demi Legio: TBC.
Battle Maniple Composition: 8 Imperial Knights and a custom build warlord (counts as an imperator as its over 3 foot high!)

Owner: Lord Halfpenny
Location: Dorset, UK.
Comments: I'm hoping by posting on here will give me the inspiration to get the titan built! 


Work in Progress:

The carapace in its glory.  Looking very sharp.

A lot of intricate parts will go into this build,

Titan Owners Club


  1. No 11! Still in box! Travesty!!!! Get on it!

  2. Ha ha, second that, I've been telling him for years Drake! I bought both 10 and 11 together for me and Lord Halfpenny the moment they were released!