Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Update Warhound No4286 - Sussuri Mortem, 4/5/16

Dan recently made more progress on his Warhound, Sussuri Mortem, and shared some updates with us.  He's even picked a Legio.  Legio Mortis' ranks swell.

"Hey guys - I've made some more progress.  I was on the road a lot for work this last month, but just before my last trip I JB welded the body together.  I can actually place the body on the legs now!

Priming has started.  I am still doing testing on the color scheme, but black will feature heavily with spots of deep red.

Ah also, this hound has a home.  This will be a Legio Mortis engine, I've decided.  Well.  I think it kind of decided for me."


The internals are coming along nicely. 

The Warhound on the prowl.

Keep it coming!  Looking great - T.O.C.

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