Friday, 6 May 2016

Update Reaver No.1855 - Bellator Ferrum, 6/5/16

More news from Col. Hertford as Bellator Ferrum continues along.  A lot of work on the internals, and even some special touches that show off his Titan's serial number and legacy.

Very good weathering on the shoulder pad, and the number is a subtle nod to his certificate number.

Very good looking internals, and the Princeps looks imposing.

The internals are very much taking shape.


  1. .....stealing the use of certificate numbers. That's just simply awesome. This looks great!

  2. I love how that shoulder decal turned out. It really blends in well, but it doesn't get lost. I would have not known what it stood for until I saw the certificate number when I was doing the update post. I have to say it's a really good touch.

    I also have to say that the weathering is superb and that the interiors are flat out amazing. Looking forward to what you show us next.

  3. This is simply amazing. I wish I could paint this well. Like the others I love the use of the cert number. That shoulder pad alone is a thing of beauty and skill.

  4. Just fantastic. I will have to add the numbers to mine as well, great application.