Monday, 6 June 2016

Update Warhound No4025 - Corona Muralis, 6-6-16

We recentely received vox communications from Nic about the status of the Warhound Corona Muralis:

"Corona Muralis has been loaded onto the Legio Audax Redemptor conveyers and shipped in to New South Wales for the next few years. The War Engine has also been sighted providing Legio support to a large armoured force of Guard attached to a holy Explorator mission into Segmentum Obscuris. Sighting foul traitors, the Titan took the lead and smashed through the enemy tanks, whilst the artillery support kept the macro cannon off Corona Muralis' back."

Sighting down the battlefield.

We at Titan Owners Club look forward to seeing where these new adventures take her.  We even here that she's about to receive some serious support.


  1. I love the carapace on this hound!

    1. Belated reply but thanks mate! Was a blast to do, I've been painting that colour scheme a lot to get the two titans and Admech team up to scratch, but it continues to be fun and interesting to paint - luckily!