Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Reaver Titan No1843- Glory Rekindled, Legio Audax

Certificate Number: 1843
Titan Name: Glory Rekindled
Class: Reaver Titan
Pattern: Mars Pattern Reaver
Head Unit: N/A
Primary Armament: Triple Turbo Laser, Melta Cannon, Apocalypse Launcher
Princeps: Princeps Emmanual Victis, 'The Huntmaster', a Warhound Princeps of Legio Honorum, has been despatched from Stygies VIII to reinforce the fleet and be promoted to Reaver Princeps.
Titan Legio: Legio Audax Redemptor (Loyalist Legio Audax... or so the priests of Stygies intend...). 
Demi Legio: Unknown
Battle Maniple Composition: Reaver 1843 'Glory Rekindled', Warhound 4025 'Corona Muralis', Knight Household Vassals, Explorator Fleet Galactica Gamma Seven Stygies VIII Skitarii.

Owner: Nic A.
Location: West Australia, Australia
Comments: An early goal of the Explorator fleet has been achieved, and a demi-moon last recorded settled in M34.2016 has yielded scans showing salvagable imperial wreckage! Amongst the wreckage, a mighty God Machine of unknown lineage! In the absence of effective communications with the Fabricator Locum of Mars, the esteemed and honourable Magos Dominus Veritas has seen fit to build this God-Machine to its deserved condition and induct it into the forces of the Explorator fleet, the better to allow its ancient machine spirit to be avenged!

The forces of Stygies - Explorator Fleet Galactica Gamma Seven are assembling as well, the raw recruits collected en route providing excellent gene-stock for the Ark Mechanicus' Skitarii cloning and training facilities. Pictured are the humble escorts for the God-Machine in their current strength, with an unknown adeptus astartes element alongside. 

Legio Audax's Reaver shall not want for protection.


Washing complete.

The start of the head unit.

Getting primed for the Rites of Colors.

Working on the internals and the hard-wired servitors.

The armor panels are coming to life, and some custom made epaulets have been added.

Beautiful work on the carapace.


This is what it looks like to stare down a Reaver Titan.

The Titans are enough to shatter an entire base with ease.

Engine up to date as of 1-8-16

Great story and we eagerly await the development of this Reaver - TOC


  1. I love the epaulets. I magnetized, but I didn't plant the magnets quite deep enough in the arm to be out of sight. I have some chain I never used on my Warhound - I think I am going to use it on the Reaver. Hope it comes out half as good a yours has!

    1. Good luck mate! I found that the magnets I put in are so strong that they actually draw the chain towards them even when buried deep in the resin... hefty!