Wednesday, 27 July 2016

200th Post and 100 Titans

Milestones are a special thing for a blog.  It's all a matter of how you look at things.  

Today, we have the blog's 200th post, this one.  And what I wanted to share is that we are also nearing the 100 Titan post milestone so quickly that I wanted to use this post to share what the next three days hold for us.

Today we'll see the 98th Titan come to the site (in just a few hours actually) in the form of a new Warlord Titan from the UK.

Tomorrow we'll see the 99th Titan in the form of a Warhound, the Maniple brother of today's Warlord.

Friday is the big day for the blog.  We complete the first "Century of Titans" of the blog and the 100th Titan will come in the form of another Warhound.

We're bringing you three straight days of new Titans in order to celebrate a special birthday (more on that Friday), 200 posts, and 100 Titans.  And, we're capping it off with cake and a special tribute to the Titan Owners Club and its members.

Make sure to check back each day this week for all the excitement coming to the TOC and spread the word to your friends to check it out and encourage those with Titans to join us.


  1. Very exciting, congrats on getting to this milestone and all the people who made it possible. Already looking forward to whatever milestone comes next!

  2. Awesome news. The Club is growing so fast now it's difficult to keep up. Looking forward to the cake :)