Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Warlord Titan No370 - Fidei Retorta, Legio Mortis

Certificate Number: 00370
Titan name: Fidei Retorta (Twisted Faith)
Pattern: Mars-Beta Warlord Titan
Head Unit: Mars-Beta
Primary Armament: Bellicose Volcano Cannon, Warlord Titan Sunfury Pattern Plasma Annihilator, Titan Laser Blaster Carapace Weapon
Princeps: #CLASSIFIED#
Titan Legio: Legio Mortis
Battle Maniple Composition:  Warhound 4650
Owner: Phoenix B.
Location: Kent, UK
Comments:  Fidei Retora (Twisted Faith) is the lead Engine in an unusual Maniple consisting of 1 Warhound, 1 Reaver and 1 Warbringer Nemesis and the Warlord itself. This Maniple is also supported by a Banner of Knights from House Makabius, flying the colours of the Warmaster Horus. Surviving the battle on Mars right up to the Siege of Terra, reports of a "confirmed" engine kill on the Fidei Retora are noted in Imperial Records, yet not a single piece of Debris was ever found.



The pile of boxes that will become a mighty Warlord Titan.

Making sure to have plenty of options to go to war.

Titan has changed hands to Phoenix B. Here is his progress as of the 30th of March.


Fun fact: The Techpriests use green stuff to plug reactor leaks. 

Some serious drillage! I feel like a cowboy when I see prep like that.

Sturdiest Laser blasters ever! 

Great spirit level. Love the Lego idea too.

Just made my day :) 

"Whistle while you work, Empra' is a Jerk, he's gone barmy, so's his army, whistle while you work"

Standard. It just happens.

Titan Owners Club


  1. Looks like a mountain of resin heaven. Looking forward to this one.

    1. Can I steal that description from now on? And with as many options as he's left himself, I agree, I'm looking forward to seeing how this Titan goes.

  2. I really want to work on a Warlord now just to be able to see that mountain of boxes show up at my home. Excited to see your progress.

  3. Look for the TOC resources tab for handy construction hints. And "Sunbury" Plasma spelling made me chuckle! Ha ha,

    1. Admittedly Siph, Drake and I try not to change what is sent to us and we just roll with it. I think I'll change that one for this Titan just so we don't have to giggle each time. Good catch. Though the weapon will bury its foes.

  4. That .... Is a LOT of resin!

  5. So, I am building a full scale Warlord out of pure LEGO and the minifig guys working on the parts was pure ecstasy to see there. Also nice pics on the guns, I have been looking for good angle shots to work with.

  6. if any one has been following this, i have actually just sent in an update for this project, sorry it has taken me so damn long