Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Update Warhound No.4535- Frigora Mordent, 4-1-17

As Jonathan F. finished up Frigora Mordent, we received plenty of pictures and his words:

"Lots of pictures but I wanted to be thorough. Frigora was a lot of fun to work on and I'm so pleased with all the support from my community. Thanks to all the hobbyists on TOC who have all truly inspired me."


Very lovely detail all around.  The decals add extra life to her.

Very simple basing to keep her stable but not take away from her look.

A terrifying weapon that will be the bane of many infantry forces.

Very sharp decal work.

The head has been supremely done and it makes her all the more menacing.

You can imagine the bone work being cleaned by melting ice, so cold is the Titan's feel.

Very well done internals.

Most Titans put off heat, Frigora Mordent is clearly a chill puppy.

Belligerent probably doesn't do justice to describing her pose.  Very well done.

Congratulations on completing the journey.


  1. Great stuff and a break from the norm with an ice world theme.

  2. It's been said, but I like how different this engine is as well. The blues and whites really work well together and definitely make the engine exhume an almost palpable sense of frigidity. I love the little details and I think the interior is really well done!