Monday, 20 February 2017

Update MWH4555- Twilight's Bitter Ire, 20-2-17

Not long after getting his God-Engine up and running, Januine sent us an update:



While waiting for the bugger magnets and other stuff for the main build to arrive from China, I couldn't sit on my thumbs and so the forge pressed ahead and worked on the head. Canopy and head are now magnetised and cockpit is just about finished painting. Princeps Baudolino is now ready and has already taken to his throne."


Very lovely work on the cockpit walls and the paint job gives a great impression of thickly applied paint put on over the years that's been chipped away over time.

Very lovely internals.

The Princeps is seated and ready for war.

A lot of detail was put into the Princeps before he was installed in the cockpit.  Dedication to detail.