Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Update Warlord Titan No.390 - Prometheus, 05-04-2017

Hi all

A great update from Dave R.

"I have been fully on it since Xmas, 2 hours most nights and maybe 6 hours over the weekends. Even rusted and weathered the inside of the armour ...muppet ;-)
Completed the "rabbit hutch" , stupidly I decided the copper rivets all needed Verdigrising, so spent  the  last week or so going over every single copper rivet with at least 3 different shades of verdigris and then shading it down if it was too "leery"......mad ..make work for yourself why don't you Reynolds!
Thinking of entering into GD in May... still loads to do... suitable base, battle honours tabards, and the carapace weapons and some freehand stuff around the middle upper armour plates, the 1 on the head cowling is not enough."

The Engine is looking incredible. Totally fantastic.

But wait . . . there's more from this painting mutant!!!

"free hand you say . . . . "

Oh come on!!!!!

NO!! STOP IT!! HOW!?!?!!

The girl has her shoulder pads on now.

"Seems a good few months since my last update. I've been working furiously on the beast since Christmas. I'm now at the stage where I've got the 2 Shoulder Laser Blaster weapons to complete, just managed the base coats on those, should start them this week.
I've just finished doing the freehand work on both Shield's and doing the freehand cogs on the central shoulder plates (god, they were a major pain to get the proportions right), however done now. Hope you like them.
I also decided that the armour trims needed something extra, as I'd done them in a copper colour then a bit of verdigris was the answer, all those rivets ...aaarggghhh. I like making work for myself L.
So I still have the base to do, the tabard and a couple of Skitarii rear door guardians and a bit of tarting up and highlighting"

 Fantastic battle damage and weathering.

 The smoking area looks fantastic. Great subtle weatheing on the paint work too.

 The rust damage is so tastefully done. It is always good to show the age on engines in my opinion.

 I think we need a serious chat regarding your techniques. . . People need to know them (I am one of them)

What an incredible Engine.

Up to date 05/04/2017

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  1. Amazing work, great weathering and scratches and all-round amazing job.

  2. That's a hell of a wow factor! Great job 👍

  3. man o man, that's one fine looking engine. Your weathering is next level.

  4. Astonishing result! I really love how you made weathering, chipping and streaking effects! I really would enjoy an "how to" section!

    1. Mephiston, if he provides Drake or myself with that, we can actually put it in the Resources section. I'd have to make use of it too, since I plan to do some weathering on my Warlord when I get it (soon, very soon).

  5. I'm with the others as well. Love the weathering.

  6. Add me to the list of those who are dying to know how he achieved the weathering and battle damage. Absolutely inspirational.

  7. I am officially joining the electro-choir of voices asking for details on your process. Awesome work. The freehand stuff is really next level! I probably won't try anything like that, but I would love to know more about how you do weathering !

  8. Thank you guys, its always a pleasure I very much appreciate the comments. Its been a hard graft, but closing in on the final stages. I'm quite looking forward to doing the base, as you can see from the pics I will likely include a few forgeworld terrain bits and bobs.
    The freehand stuff is just really picking something that you like and then practicing, my first attempts were shocking, but have improved over the last year or so. I'm also no way an artist like some others I see, just a plodder who like things to look good. :-)
    thanks again ...finished engine soon, mid May I hope !!