Thursday, 6 July 2017

Flame Painting Tutorial- Pertinax Montem

Following up on his Apocalypse game, Grayson also sent on a tutorial of how he did his Reaver's flames:

"So here's how I did the flames on my glorious titan.

Here we start with the easy part.

Based in leadbelcher, with an airbrush of course.

next we went fancy with a Forgeworld paint, the pyroclast orange.

Followed by angron red closer to the base.

Finally we have a mix of 50/50 sigsimund yellow and lahmian medium. Multiple thin coats.

And we're done. Next is the trim and it's ready to be magnetized for the shoulder.


  1. Lovely! I will save this for reference with my Warlord in mind. Nice to see your Engine coming along, more Legio Astorum!

    1. Thank you good sir. I hope this technique is helpful to you.

  2. Dang. That is so well done and sexy. Cheers for sharing.

  3. Beautiful work man. I am really happy when I see a tutorial - this one is no exception!