Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Walk After-Action Report- Pertinax Montem, MRT2609

Grayson's Reaver has been at it again!

"A group of friends got together for a massive 30k apocalypse game just recently. Dark Angels, Ultramarines, and Mechanicum vs World Eaters, Iron Warriors, Night Lords, and Alpha Legion.
My massive Dark Angels force.

A good friend from Utah showed up for this with his Ultramarines.

The knights and Night Lords side.

Mechanicum in force.

Complete with custom built magos dominator.

Alpha Legion with all der tanks.

Iron Warriors and World Eaters.

The COOLEST little tidbit I've ever seen. Thallax have always been cool, and this simple little conversion made him even cooler. (look closer at the skull drilled INTO it's head).

My titan outflanked by some predators. They didn't last long.

Alpha legion attempting to get the drop on Mechanicum. 

yea, mechanicum wasn't having none of that business.

Pertinax Montem and his 2 gallant escort just started at one side of the table, and cleared everything out in a massive Iron wall. 

Down range was a nice little cluster of traitor primarchs I got to pump a few shots into.
Final tally for our mission put both sides at an even 31 points. The organizer said it was a traitor victory since only Guilliman had actually died, but the mechanicum was nearly untouched, and Pertinax Montem was still at full strength. So we all agreed on a tie. :P "

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